Friday, August 29, 2008

Hilary Duff's Father Looks At Jail Time

Hilary Duff47 ~JR~Hilary Duff's father looks at up to 10 days in the slammer, since her mother dragged him into the courtroom to ask for $25,000 because of her approaching twenty-first birthday celebration. After the spendthrift exes dropped an alike sum of money on big sister Haylie's coming of age 2 years prior, Bob Duff was told to come up with $12,500 for his portion. On the other hand the judge condemned him to 10 days behind bars because of a seperate incident, since breaking a court order that banned him from distributing assets without the consent from his alienating wife. Bob must at once turn over the $367,537 he acquired by trading stocks to a court depository, according to a Houston newspaper. Since he was handcuffed, Hil's mother Susan stated: "This is not what I desired." Nope, she simply desired animal balloons and a tiered cake. Robert Piro, Bob's lawyer, stated his client would place bond as shortly as imaginable and register an appeal. During his cross-examination, Piro asked Susan if her "grownup millionaire daughter" would be disturbed if she didn't obtain an expensive gift and celebration party for her birthday. She responded that her daughter "is emotionally disturbed by the desertion of her Dad" and merits "to have some sort of recognition for a young life well lived". Bob sounded out he wished he could spill the beans to the press, only that a gag decree was in order. Neither Hilary, 20, nor Haylie, 23, were in court.

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