Sunday, August 17, 2008

Eva Mendes Had A Crush On A British Rock Star

Tinseltown star Eva Mendes has acknowledged having a hugh infatuation on pop rocker Liam Gallagher. The actress takes a firm stand that she became a big fan of the British rock band in the 1990s, prior to rising to celebrity status herself. And Eva Mendes' love for the group, and Gallagher especially, yet touches on her to the present day. She tells the media: "Prior to being an actress, while the rock group Oasis was very hot in America, I went to Los Angeles to see them perform. "I had an infatuation on Liam Gallagher. I arrived offstage and saw him. Only I was so infatuated with him, I became speechless. He barely faced me since I appeared dumb. "Merely remembering about it today causes me to burst out in a cold sweat."

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