Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jessica Simpson Responds To Carrie Underwood

Jessica Simpson has lashed out at country singer Carrie Underwood for laying claim that she nevertheless remains in contact with Jessica's American football sensation beau Tony Romo. Underwood acknowledged she was experiencing a grueling time going on after her break up of Romo in 2006, as the couple broke up and he proceeded on to Simpson. In September's publication of magazine publisher Allure, she asserted Romo was as likely to be in contact, contributing: "The telephone will ring and it will be him, and possibly I won't respond." Simpson at once conducted a swipe at Romo's onetime flame taking a firm stand the sports ace has never phoned her. She states: "I searched his phone log. Tony and I both laughed at that. We made a laugh out of it."

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Anonymous said...

Jessica is the one lying. She knows Carrie said that back on May 9th and Tony was calling her then. But Jessica has to go on the radio and act like it was said in Aug. to make Carrie look bad. Jess is just jealous her BF was calling his ex and got caught.