Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Eva Mendes Furless For PETA Now Naked For Calvin Klein

The honchos at national broadcast media stations are declining to televise the Calvin Klein advertisement for the company's Secret Obsession fragrance, in which the naked star Eva Mendes twists temptingly on a bed & caresses her nipples. Actress Eva Mendes's sassy perfume ad for Calvin Klein has been ostracized by several US television networks. Tom Murry, executive of Calvin Klein Inc., tells the newspaper media, "We think the commercial is special & establishes the target for Secret Obsession. The fashion firm's top dogs assert they weren't surprised by the television network administrator's decisions to disapprove of the campaign, but assert they will remain firm by the ad. A banned clip is anticipated to be pictured on US cable stations after the 9pm turning point, while the unaltered adaptation will be shown in full in other nations. "We are predicting a productive worldwide launch." Part of the uncut version can be seen at you tube. But you must be 18 years or older.

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