Friday, August 1, 2008

Jennifer Aniston Takes A Break To Go Shopping

Tinseltown honchos desiring to employ Jennifer Aniston would be forgiven if they accepted that the actress had dumped her career to turn into a fan of John Mayer's. But in spite of her show of support, the rock 'n' roll musician was prompt to bring down the media rumors surrounding their love affair. Anyway Jennifer Aniston appearing her usual sexy self went on a trip to Beverly Hills to go shopping. Going out in a black tank top and cream skirt, Jennifer is headed to Barney's with her own personal helper. Although she's rapidly nearing the 40 y/o age landmark, Jennifer seems to be reversing back the clock with her new part as being a 'fan' at John's performances. Not that she appears out of place, she still puts younger hopefuls in the shadows.

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