Sunday, August 24, 2008

Paris Hilton Wants To Be A Hair Entrepeneur

Instantly you, also, may experience removable hair extensions comparable to Paris Hilton. The heiress represents marketing her own line of hair lengtheners by Sally Beauty Supply, and launched her line of hair extensions in Malibu, California. "The Bandit," Hilton's convertible hair lengtheners headband, could contribute up to 22 inches of polyester hair to the wearer using Velcro, according to "My goal was to add myself and my personality into this undertaking," the 27-year-old stated. "I've been donning hair lengtheners for a long time, and there's zilch out there comparable to this merchandise. Every adult female should have one." While Hilton's never presented a secret of her hair elongation use, her hair hasn't always produced rave reviews. Onetime "Saturday Night Live star Tina Fey sounded off on Howard Stern's radio show in 2006 that the heiress left behind "awful bunches of Barbie hair" about the SNL set. Hilton also attracted gazes the week before when the bindings of her lengtheners glistened out from her head at a nightspot opening. Critics apart, Hilton undergoes experienced success in the hair business: The "Simple Life" star has been the face of DreamCatchers extensions since 2007 and has a high-end line with the brand name. "The Bandit" will arrive on the shelves about Sept. 20th.

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