Sunday, August 24, 2008

Miley Cyrus Owns Disneyland For Her Birthday

Miley Cyrus is to bill invitees $250 to go to her sixteenth birthday party for charity purposes. The 'Hannah Montana' star who reportedly brought in $18.2 million last year, has arranged to celebrate her birthday at Disneyland, California, and will distribute tickets to promote revenue for Youth Service America, which assists to better the lives of young people aged five to twenty-five. Assuring an exceptional pyrotechnics exhibit and a live public presentation, Miley stated: "it is gonna be an awe inspiring celebration with more than 7 things I like. I love roller coasters. So this is my quality birthday."
Explaining the determination to convert her celebration into a fundraiser, Miley stated: "There's only one world and we have to attend to it." The actress and singer, the adolescent daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, likewise disclosed she desires a automobile for her birthday. The celebration will occur on October 5th, barely over a month prior to Miley turning 16. Tickets to Miley's Sweet sixteen, share in the Celebration will start on sale on August 30th.

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Hannah Montana Concert Tour said...

It is nice to see young celebrities like Miley sending some of her proceeds to charities such as youth programs.