Thursday, August 28, 2008

Michael Lohan Speaks Out About Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan's father has set in motion a burning onslaught about her lesbian lover Samantha Ronson.
Michael Lohan charges the disc jockey of going out with his daughter strictly to promote her popularity, after finding out Sam might write a 'tell-all' book just about her life story. Michael stated: "I have been quiet regarding this long enough. Samantha is conning my daughter. "People never even acknowledged who Samantha Ronson was till she got together with Lindsay. "She was only some Los Angeles disc jockey. And instantly she's penning a book? I am at my wit's final stage on this stuff and nonsense. "This isn't in Lindsay's fullest concern. “Let's only say I trust Lindsay begins opening up her eyes and recognizes who the people exploiting her are.” Michael as well charges Sam of reintroducing Lindsay to liquor, in spite of the onetime child star looking for treatment in rehab because of her drinking troubles. He told E! Online: "Samantha boozes and passes the booze below the table to Lindsay, and behind the scenes it gets worse and worse. "Sam is victimizing my daughter. My daughter is not working since she is all of the time with Sam. "Yet my ex Dina recognizes it. She just is not doing anything about it.” In the meantime, Michael is reportedly ready to become married to blond fashion model Erin Mueller.
According to informants in the US, Michael proposed to the 24-year-old knockout but won't be binding the knot till "a few family issues are settled."

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