Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Will Britney Spears Make A Second Comeback On MTV

Britney Spears is appearing to be back to her former self and it appears the individuals who count are taking notice. The honchos at MTV could be prepared to ask her to come back to September's Video Music Awards (VMAs) despite her fatal performance just 12 months ago. She presented a terrible and out of time interpretation of the single Gimme More at the bash in Las Vegas. She was later recognized weeping offstage. So could Britney Spears be prepared for her second "comeback" in as many years? MTV president Van Toffler disclosed: "Everyone merits a second or third chance, right?" Let's hope Britney gets it correct this time. Or else she might not receive that third and final strike before she's down and out. What do you think should Britney Spears have a second chance?

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