Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Paris Hilton Accuses Media Of Lying

Paris Hilton has declared that the media intended in printing "lies" regarding her relationship inclusive of Nicole Richie pointing out recent stories regarding a conflict between the pair are "totally false". Paris was rumored to have fallen out with her socialite friend after changing the location of her home to be closer to her beau Benji Madden. But the hotel heiress asserts that although she has left her previous residence, she is living in the same Beverly Hills area. Hilton also denies the allegations that Richie, who is dating Madden's twin brother Joel, has contradicted the change. And the heiress singles out mostly the US newspaper the New York Post's PageSix gossip column for most of the criticism. She writes on her Myspace world wide web page, "I am blown away via more lies that are going around, and I also wanted to clear them up with all of you. I'm sick of PageSix and different gossip sites printing completely false stories." "It's not reasonable because these lies then expand like wildfire online also people begin to trust they are true. As of now I plan to address these (tales) when they come to my attention, they cross the line between foolish tabloid gossip into mean speculating. "PageSix described that I have moved into Benji's neighbourhood, also that Nicole is upset by this and this is truly not accurate!"

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