Sunday, July 6, 2008

Madonna Denies Divorce And Affair With Alex Rodriguez

Popular celeb Madonna refused any involvement in an intimate fling with Yankee hitter Alex Rodriguez and replied in a statement to a celebrity media source on Sunday she is not thinking about getting divorced from her current hubby Guy Ritchie. Rumor has it that the pair planned to break up and it has been going around for months, fueled lately by media rumors that Madonna employed an attorney to divorce movie producer Guy Ritchie. "My hubby and I have no thoughts of preparing to get a divorce," the pop singer disclosed in a report to a media source. "I took my children to a Yankee's game. I am not intimately involved in any way with Alex Rodriguez. I am not involved in any of the problems with his marriage or what religious way of life he may prefer to look at," she said. Media sources discovered on Sunday that Rodriguez's wife, Cynthia, had left behind the Yankee baseball hitter over the so-called involvement with Madonna, mentioning informants near to the state of affairs. It seems that Alex Rodriguez must have struck out at the plate! Otherwise why would his wife run out on him if Madonna was telling the truth?

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