Saturday, July 12, 2008

Christie Brinkley Vows Never To Marry Again

Christie Brinkley has promised at no time will she ever get married again after achieving a resolution in her dramatic divorce with Peter Cook. After a nerve-racking time in court, the one time couple declared they had achieved an arrangement early Thursday morning in there divorce. Throughout the flow of the trial, testimony admitted revealing Peter Cook's involvement with teen Diana Bianchi and his supposed $3,000 a month habit looking up porn on the internet. A court-selected psychiatrist on Tuesday suggested that Brinkley should receive counseling - after the psychiatrist mentioned the onetime supermodel's four broken down marriages as a beginning of emotional conflict. Brinkley asserts that her latest relationship meltdown has pushed her to never consider the aspect of ever making the trip down the aisle once again. She reported to the media: "I'm never going to wed ever again. I have too much knowledge regarding the marriage laws and divorce laws. Becoming wedded once more would not be a really smart thing to do. "I was doing this for my family. I believe when you're doing this for your family's welfare, nearly anything you have to do is worth it." Brinkley was granted full custody of the couple's children -Jack, 13, and Sailor, 10. Christie gained the couple's 18 real estate holdings in the Hamptons, and has agreed to give 2.1million dollars to Cook. Brinkley's divorce is to be settled in September. Her breakup from Cook comesafter a 1995 break up from previous husband Richard Taubman, and the breakup of her 2nd marriage to pop singer Billy Joel in 1994 and her 1st marriage to Jean-Francois Allaux in 1981.

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