Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kate Beckinsale Was Afraid To Come To America

Kate Beckinsale Brit actress was "scared" about coming to America, since she was positive she would be coerced to change into an entire body makeover. The 'Underworld' actress came to America with her former husband Michael Sheen six years ago, and was concerned that her British appearance could set her aside from other stars. She reportedly told the British newspaper publisher the Daily Express: "I was really scared of LA at first. "I imagined the first thing that could occur is they are going to smooth my teeth down, expand my breasts and just be hateful to me - and that's kind of what has occurred." The actress admits that while she is now settled down with director husband Len Wiseman and her daughter Lily, nine, she did not envision the domestic happiness she now loves. "I could never have imagined myself getting married to an American, residing in America and sending off my child to an American school," she stated.

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