Saturday, July 5, 2008

Is Madonna A Real Smoocher

According to the media and a new book Madonna's brother is to release later this month it is reported that Madonna held Gwyneth Paltrow and handed her a juicy kiss on the lips at a drunken show business party, the stunning new book reveals. A life history by the Queen of Pop’s brother lays claim to raise the cover on Madonna's sexual seductions, love involvements, drug-taking and quarrels with husband Guy Ritchie. And it will reveal how Madonna, flirted with Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth at a glamorous New Year's Eve party hosted by top fashion clothes designer Donatella Versace. Reportedly Madonna was dancing on a table in the wee hours of the morning when she hauled Gwyneth up to join her. The younger brother of Madonna Christopher Ciconne according to the media will reveal in his book how he observed as the couple started dancing together. Then as party goers saw in astonishment, Madonna took hold of Gwyneth, pulled her towards her and kissed the astonished Hollywood actress fully on the mouth. Christopher Ciccone’s revealing book, called "Life With My Sister Madonna", will tell of lesbian encounters and other seamy mysteries of Madonna’s past when it is out later this month. Would you buy and read this book? Do you think what will be revealed in this book is honest and truthful about Madonna?

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