Monday, July 21, 2008

Britney Spears Did Not Save The Show

Network administrators for situation comedy "How I Met Your Mother" have thrashed accounts that Britney Spears guest appearance on their show spared it from being terminated. Britney was overlooked for her part on the show originally this month when she was passed over on the top 10 list of Emmy contenders in the Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series class. Although the program ratings soared upwards when the pop sensation acted as a ditsy secretary in two recent episodes, CBS honchos take a firm stand it was not Spears who salvaged the show. Network entertainment executive Nina Tassler states: "The show ("How I Met Your Mother") was never in trouble; it just took a while to give the announcement (of its renewal)." Bosses at Britney's record label JIVE were rumored to be wondering about her commitment to her return album when stories surfaced on Friday that the pop singer was more concerned in focusing on her acting desires. CBS honchos have not substantiated that Spears will be doing another comeback to the show.

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