Friday, November 28, 2008

Winona Ryder States She Returned Jewelry

Reportedly jewels worth $164,000 have reportedly disappeared after being loaned to Hollywood actress Winona Ryder from a classy jeweler. The actress stated, she deposited the diamond laced bracelet and ring in an envelope and turned them over to the front desk staff at her Madrid hotel, according to a French magazine. Only the magazine lays claim that CCTV does not show Winona who was charged with shoplifting in 2002, turning in the envelope. The jeweler Bulgari is reported to be desperately attempting to figure out the enigma. Last night a representative admitted jewels were lent to Marie Claire mag for celebs to wear to a party on Sunday. Only when inquired if Ryder had neglected to bring back her jewels, she declined to remark. Ryder wasn't available for comment. Her spokesperson declined to give back phone calls and e-mails. The actress attended public service in 2002 for stealing $6,000 of fashion designer clothes andothe items from a Beverly Hills store. She laid claim she was doing research for a part.

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