Sunday, November 2, 2008

Paris Hilton Believes She Is Being Used By Men

Paris Hilton smirked that she had been victimized through out her life by men who are hungry for popularity and money according to the tabloid "News Of The World." Cooing that she's at present discovered genuine love and Mr decent in rock 'n' roll star Benji Madden, the world's most discussed person broke her secrecy to decry her irritating exboyfriends. "Every former boyfriend I have been out with has victimized me for profit or sexual activity, only in nearly all instances they merely wanted popularity. It was difficult to trust people." Paris stated she plans to wed her “best admirer” singer Benji Madden and bear children. Top of Paris’s betrayal hitlist is ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon, now 40. The nickel-and-dime movie maker attained millions distributing the notorious home-made sex videotape of Paris, which was earlier leaked out on the World Wide Web. But reported by a celebrity magazine in 2003, no less known to malicious gossip, Hilton was reared in Beverly Hills and Manhattan and started arriving at the nightclub scene by her early on teens. At seventeen, she spent time at a Utah boarding school for disturbed youth. Her bunkmate Karlea Clements remembers Hilton as "very, very sweet" but "very pampered teen." More or less relatives concurred. "What is [Kathy] doing, allowing a 16-year-old go nightclubbing?" Inquired her great aunt Francesca in 2001.
Editor's comment: If your a man and Paris is looking for a best friend forever. Please stay away you male fame seekers.

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