Thursday, November 13, 2008

Natalie Portman State's It Is Hard To Live With Her Parents

Natalie Portman is fighting to readapt to family living subsequently due to going back home to her family. The Star Wars knockout returned to her mother and father's home as she looks for a new home of her own, coming after rumors she has broken up with her boyfriend Devendra Banhart. Only the novelty of dwelling under the same roof with her parents rapidly fell apart for Natalie, who is at present extracting her hanging brown hair out on an every day basis. She states, “I am homeless at the present moment therefore I'm living with my parents. “It is rocky. It was cool in the first place since I get beneficial meals and my wash is done but it changes into a hassle.” This will probably urge millions of unmarried men to clean out their extra rooms and provide the actress a home to stay particularly if the separation from her boyfriend are reportedly true. Natalie of late vowed to maneuver away from getting married at any expense, raising rumors entirely not all is well on the relationship battlefront. She states, “I am into monogamy. Only I am not truly into wedlock. “I kind of detest the legal view of it."
Editor's comment: I wonder if she would pay rent? Evidently she does'nt want a long term commitment.

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