Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jennifer Aniston Speaks Out About Angelina Jolie

Actress Jennifer Aniston stated Angelina Jolie wasn't overly coolheaded once she brought out particulars around her early on relationship with Brad Pitt. Jennifer Aniston discusses the Vogue magazine’s profile of Jolie this past year when she talked about becoming nearer to Pitt while married to Aniston and when filming the action motion picture 'Mr & Mrs Smith' in 2004. Aniston sounded out, “That hooey more or less how she could not wait to arrive to work day-after-day? That was truly uncool.” Only Aniston stated she and Pitt, who split up in October 2005, were on equal terms. “Well, it never was that tough, In the long run, we actually experienced an amicable break up,” she said.

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