Sunday, November 9, 2008

Is Paris Hilton Bad At Acting In Motion Pictures

Paris Hilton's recent motion picture has been pilloried by critics, who dread director Darren Lynn Bousman's hardest problem was editing out the socialite from his flick. The Saw motion picture managing director had acknowledged he had doubt's more or less about signing Hilton up for his motion picture, only asserts she was a joy to work with. Only critics say she Is not a joy to view on the silver screen in [Repo! The Genetic Opera]. Los Angeles Times critic Mark Olsen publishes, "The picture is bad - not good-bad, tacky-bad or fun-bad, but virtually atrocious and almost unwatchable." And he's still more blistering of Hilton's acting in the outlandish cosmetic surgery horror musical. Olsen contributes, "It appears the production has had to edit out more or less the omnipresent Paris Hilton, as she is never glimpsed in anything but little, momentary scenes and her husky bark of a singing voice is utilized as brief as imaginable." In the meantime, the San Jose Mercury indicates the motion picture is "as bad as it gets", contributing it is "easily one of the worst motion picture's of the year, if not all time." The motion picture was put out in movie theater's on Friday (07Nov08).

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