Saturday, November 1, 2008

Communists Speak Out Against James Bond Actress

As Reported through the media supposedly actress Olga Kurylenko who has Ukranian roots has been thrashed by the Russian Communist Party for "deceiving" her ethnical ancestors by acting in the recent James Bond motion picture Quantum Of Solace. The actress acts as Daniel Craig's buddy in the dramatic thriller, only she's come under attack by Marxist ideologues who lay claim she's appalled her ascendents by aiding the fictitious Bond, "a gentleman who acted upon for years under the dictates of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan to demolish the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics". In a direct solicitation to Kurylenko thru their internet site, the Communists of St Petersburg states, "The USSR schooled you, cherished you and raised you up free of charge only no one surmised that you'd dedicate this enactment of rational and ethical treachery."

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