Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mariah Carey Composes Music In The John

Mariah Carey acknowledges she encounters aspiration in the most unusual places as her hit song 'Hero' was composed in the john. The hotshot singer was utilizing the toilet on a time out from taping as the thought for the track hit her. She arisesat wee times at night to compose songs - since she concocts melodies in her head while asleep. Carey states : "Occasionally I awaken in the nighttime and experience a musical theme and need to arise and enter it immediately before I draw a blank ."Or with Hero, I was in the studio and somebody was talking to me more or less about this motion picture 'Hero' with Dustin Hoffman in it. I took a stroll to the toilet and when I returned I experienced this theme that I could use as a song, and that's why it became 'Hero'."

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