Sunday, November 9, 2008

Did Naomi Cambell Get Special Treatment

Naomi Campbell has been verbally attacked by furious travelers after she was permitted to break in line at a New York airport to come through customs on coming in the United States from London. The fashion model reached John F. Kennedy Interrnational on an American Airlines flight on Tues AM and then assisted to the head of the line to get her passport looked at. Only her fellow air travel riders weren't entertained by her discriminatory treatment and hissed Campbell when she passed by them to get to the front of the waiting line. An informant states, "An elderly woman was just about to get her passport checked into, only she was ordered to hold off so Naomi could go 1st. It pissed off many people." Nevertheless, Campbell's attorney Marty Singer has fought back for the model, asserting it's a normal process for any famous person to be escorted by customs 1st, to avert unwished for attention. Singer states: "She wasn't handled any differently than any other high-profile person. American Airlines volunteered to accompany her. She didn't call for for it. It is arranged for security measures, so high-profile riders aren't beleaguered by people." A representative for American Airlines has declined to remark about the incident.
Editor's Comment: Do you think Naomi Campbell got special treatment?

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