Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lindsay Lohan Models New Leggings Design

Lindsay Lohan kicked off this weekend introducing a new design of leggings called 6126 on Robertson Boulevard, in Los Angeles. It seems like traffic was just about stopped as she posed in front of the paparazzi photographers. But over the weekend she also received bad news that she had lost out on two movie roles. According to media rumors she lost out on a role in the Manson Girls film because the could'nt get any well known female stars to work alongside her. But her spokesperson stated it was scheduling conflicts that caused the loss. She was to play Nancy Pittman in the film. She also missed out starring with comedian entertainer Jack Black in Ye Old Times. This was a movie that she had just left and was not dumped. But Lindsay Lohan always has her leggings business to rely on.

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