Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kim Wilde Says Madonna Beat Her Out As Queen Of Pop

The former singer of the 1980's Kim Wilde claims that Madonna stole her name to fame as the Queen of Pop. She claims that she was at the height of her career when Madonna entered the scene and made waves taking her title away as pop princess. Kim Wilde claims that the Material Girl's negative effect on Kim's own career did not make her dislike her. She claims that she had been on the top of the charts for two years before Madonna took over as reigning Queen as a pop singer. Kim admits it did get to her but never hated Madonna over it. She claims Madonna is amazing.
Kim Wilde Yea...Zoom'd up real nice Madonna


Celebrity Entertainment Matters said...

she is really amazing...however I dont like her acting off her age..

hi care to xlink?

Anonymous said...

Kim Wilde was a very big star in 81 -83 then Madonna came and brought "DANCE" in her shows and videos that took away the spotlight a lot of other popstars actually, but then Kim striked back with You Keep me hangin on Smash hit & big hit album Close, Kim was still big star however, Madonna was the Queen. I still think Kim Wilde in late 80's and 90's was just Gorgeous, very beautiful. I always wanted to have that look.