Friday, May 23, 2008

Denise Richards Defends Reality Show

Actress Denise Richards stated that Charlie Sheen encouraged her to do reality television show to negotiate better access to their two daughters. She has been criticised for letting her two daughters 3 year old Sam and 2 year old Lola. Denise claims that Charlie signed a waiver for them to feature on the show and only changed his mind when he figured out he would have more access to the girls. Reportedly Denise went to court over the dispute and the judge ru her favor. In the meantime when Denise appeared on the television show the View to promote her reality show called "It's Complicated", Whoopi Goldberg was very upset for Denise to be exposing her children to the public after the recent split up from Charlie Sheen. Denise was asked if you want to protect your children you would keep them private not expose them on a reality show. Also she has denied being involved in the recent split up between Heather Locklear and Richard Sambora.

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