Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hugh Hefner Makes An Offer To Miley Cyrus

Hugh Hefner is making an offer to Miley Cyrus to pose naked in his magazine when she turns to the legal age of 18. The Hannah Montana star had created a loud out cry when she had posed by exposing her naked back side and covering her front wrapped in only a sheet in a magazine. The photos were done by a photographer Annie Leibovitz. Miley Cyrus the singer/actress had to issue an apology over the photos. Hugh Hefner felt that the controversial photo shoot of her in Vanity Fair was blown out of proportion. He still says she would be welcomed in his magazine when shes 18. I still question the exploiting of this 15 year old and why is the blame being put on a minor and should'nt the photographer have apologized knowing she was under age?


Gangsta Fa Life said...

Mileys A Hore did you see those pic she a bad role model

Gangsta Fa Life said...

I hate her shes the biggest hore ever her dad needs to give her a nice scoling

Gangsta Fa Life said...