Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lindsay Lohan And The Missing Fur Coat Saga

Lindsay Lohan was caught up of being accused of taking a mink fur coat worth $11,000 which disappeared from a birthday party in a bar in New York. Masha Markova claims the blonde mink coat disappeared when she tried to retrieve it from the coat return area of the fashionable nightspot 1 Oak, where she was celebrating the birthday of a friend on January 26. She was devastated when she thought the fur coat she was given by her grandmother had been stolen. Two weeks later she opened a magazine to see pictures of Lindsay wearing a similar type of coat and Lindsay Lohan had also been present at the same birthday party she had been at. Reportedly Masha Markova's lawyers had contacted Lindsay and the coat was returned stinking of alcohol and cigarettes with a tiny tear in the lining. Yes, this goes to show us one thing that not all celebrities are going furless for PETA.

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