Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mischa Barton Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend

Actress Mischa Barton has corroborated that she has broken up with her rock 'n' roll musician fellow Luke Pritchard. A month later on rumors of a split up 1st came up, Barton has driven to her web log to disclose she's single once more. The actress publishes, "Things simply did not feel quite in good order. There was no two-timing or anything horrible, the bad only began to outbalance the good and a long distance relationship is never a comfortable thing to arrange." Barton started going out with Luke Pritchard back in December - only at present she lays claim the couple constitute dearer friends than lovers. She sums up: "I believe Luke is a swell guy, only the type better accommodated as a acquaintance. We have an amazing number of common friends in England and I do not regret our time together, I simply could not keep it going. "If on that point ever is a case of 2 people remaining acquaintances I am certain it will constitute the case with us, our personalities are really good for that." Barton Is not Pritchard's 1st celebrity lady friend, he previously went out with singer Katie Melua.