Friday, March 13, 2009

Jennifer Aniston And John Mayer Break Up Again?

Rock 'n' roll musician John Mayer's on again off again relationship with Jennifer Aniston is sour once more, reportedly from recent media accounts. John reportedly terminated the love affairthis past week after the actress came back from a promotional trip to Europe to indorse her most recent motion picture, "Marley & Me." An informant states, "He split up with her once she returned from her European circuit." The news comes only weeks after the pair opened its 1st joint red carpet interview at the Academy Awards, which Mayer accompanied as Aniston's date. Accounts as of late even hinted that Mayer was gearing up to pop the question to the actress after allegedly shopping for an engagement ring. Only Aniston of late suggested her love affair with Mayer would be passing, after acknowledging she doesn't think relationships are thought to survive. She stated, "whoever stated that every relationship has to go on eternally? That's desiring a bit much. I believe every relationship is a world unto itself." And when questioned about encountering the perfect mate, she answered, "I do not have one and I do not believe it exists." Mayer's representative has refused to address the pop singer's personal life, although Aniston's spokesperson has all the same not answered calls for comments on the rumors.

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