Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mayhem Outside Of Tyra Banks Next Top Model Audition

A trio of people were nabbed and 2 hospitalized at a try out for the television program America's Next Top Model. Possible contenders for the upcoming season of the modeling series, hosted by Tyra Banks, were expecting to audition on Saturday while bedlam erupted on the streets out of doors of the Park Central New York hotel in Manhattan. Two women and a man were apprehended on accusations of setting off a riot and disorderly behavior, as reported by a New York Police Department spokesperson. A couple of people were taken to a hospital, although four others refused treatment for their wounds. Authorities likewise closed down the try out, stating it was not decently organized. Law enforcement are nevertheless uncertain as to what incited the bedlam regarding hundreds of people, only the terror left the street out of doors of the hotel cluttered with shoes and articles of clothing, as reported by news accounts.

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