Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jessica Simpson Messes Up At Concert In California

Jessica Simpson's abilities to recall betrayed her not once only twice performing her final gig at Rascal Flats. The unmindful songstress goofed up parts of her song on 2 tracks while on the concert circuit in California. An entertainment website described that a few of the audience hissed as Jess acknowledged her errors. The 1st singing slip came about when singing Remember That. She reportedly stated to the audience, "Oops, I sounded out whisky too soon. I goofed up, I am so humiliated. "Only I am beginning once more since I genuinely need you guys to hear the lyrics the proper way." She was thrusted into a 2nd awkward error a couple of songs afterwards, messing up the beginning line to Still Don't Stop Me. "I goofed up once more. I do this day in and day out," Jess stated to the audience.

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