Friday, March 6, 2009

Britney Spears Kicks Off Her Circus Tour

Unhinged pop sensation Britney Spears came back to the stage today for the beginning of her 1st concert circuit in 5 years. Across the following 3 months, Britney will execute at locales over the US and Canada prior to ending up in London in June. The 'Circus' circuit commenced today in New Orleans, where devotees of the pop singer lined up for a long time before the doors opening for the almost-sell-out return performance. Only the bringing out of the record album 'Circus' has been visualized as a comeback to form of varieties for the pop singer. It's distributed more than than 1.3 million copies since being set in motion in December. The following circuit sounded off today starting with The Pussycat Dolls curtain raising for the primary drawing card. Attired as a sexy ringmaster and conducting a cast made up of jugglers, acrobats and warriorlike dancers, the pop singer was urged on by the audience as she executed a few of her greatest hits, from the late 'Womaniser' to the classic 'Baby One More Time'. Britney didn't interact a great deal with the audience all the same, only mouthing: "Thanks, New Orleans" at the conclusion of the almost 2 hour appearance. She seemed from time to time to be lip-synching, only that didn't appear to annoy devotees, who hollered wildly as she came down from the ceiling on rings set aside by cables, at the beginning of the concert.

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Joe said...

Spears is going with what she knows best for her comeback tour -- trying to be more scandalous than ever (oh my!)