Friday, March 6, 2009

Jennifer Aniston Will Not Do Botox

Actress Jennifer Aniston has promised to avert Botox treatments in the future, coming after a risky experience with the face-freezing shots. The actress acknowledges she's attempted the cosmetic operation, which smooths away creases by freezing facial muscles. Only Aniston is promising she will not be undergoing any additional treatments, since the outcome was so uncomfortable. She states, "I attempted Botox at one time and it was truly not beneficial for me. I sensed as if I had a burden on my brain." The 40-year-old lays claim she can spot additional women who undergo the shots, since they all have a interchangeable appearance, and it's won her over to develop old graciously as an alternative. She sums up, "I believe it causes women to look elderly. More punishing. The affectionateness in their expressions vanishes. You meet women and you recognize they are not young, merely you can not distinguish how old they are. That's what halted me."

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