Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Paris Hilton Apology To Kim Kardashian For Butt Joke

Paris Hilton made fun of Kim Kardashian's world famous bottom live on air in a radio interview. Did Paris Hilton say something stupid like bottoms up when speaking about Kim Kardashian's buttocks. No! Reportedly she stated she would never trade butts with Kim. Reportedly stating that Kim's buttocks were like cottage cheese in a garbage bag and basically insinuating they are gross. After realizing that this had gotten out on Perez Hilton's blog Paris was totally humiliated about what she had done. She called Kim Kardashian and was overtly apologetic for the stupid joke she had made. Kim admitted that she received an apology and said her and Paris had been friends since childhood. With friends like Paris who needs enemies?
Paris-Hilton-ta01 kim kardashian (9)

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