Thursday, April 24, 2008

Madonna's Husband Upset With Foreigners Who Buy Property In The United Kingdom

Guy Richie has verbally attacked foreigners who buy properties in the UK. Thank goodness his American wife Madonna only owns several of those properties in the United Kingdom. He claims that foreigners have driven house prices up and that Britains can hardly afford to live their. One of the properties Guy and Madonna live in costs approximately 14 million dollars in posh Belgravia, West London. Another property used as the Kabbalah sect’s headquarters costs approximately 7.3 million dollars. Also we must not forget the country estate near Salisbury, Wilts costs approximately 18 million dollars. Not to mention homes they own in America. Guy Richie complained how foreign billionaires made it impossible to buy a central London house for under approximately 20 million dollars. I agree this is complete hypocrisy.

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