Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Will Angelina Jolie Leave Hollywood

Angelina Jolie is preparing for an additional long time off from performing in 2009, fueling rumors she's set to leave Hollywood permanently. The mother-of-six has verbalized a great deal of her hope to place her family with Brad Pitt prior to motion pictures. She departed in 2008 to gear up for the arrival of twins Knox and Vivienne, and is already preparing an additional long reprieve. Jolie states, "I've had a year away, and I might work for a couple of mos. Only whenever I do, I am most likely going to require an additional year and a half or two. I am going to work a great deal less."


phoenix auto insurance said...

Most stars miss the adulation and the camera snapping and come back for that as much as they do for the money. She may leave but not for long.

debt relief said...

They probably have enough money, if they chose to leave. Those kids certainly need some semblance of a normal life, right?