Sunday, January 4, 2009

Heather Locklear's DUI Charges Were Dropped

Actress Heather Locklear's DUI case was dropped. The actress has declared no contention to reckless driving to fend off a trial. She was given a sentence of three years of loose probation. She will likewise go to a 12-hour drug rehabilitation course of study and pay a fine of $700, as a condition of the sentencing as reported by a celebrity media source. The star was caught in September after a tabloid reporter phoned law enforcement to disclose that Heather Locklear was reportedly driving under the influence of drugs. Heather didn't attend today's court hearing in her sentencing in Santa Barbara, Calif. And in that respect more good news for the actress. She's in negotiation to come back to "Melrose Place" for a remaking of the popular soap. Accounts indicate she's the lone actress producers have asked to return.

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