Sunday, January 18, 2009

Britney Spears Asked To Change Words Of Song

Britney Spears is no alien to contention. The turbulent pop singer is presently gearing up for her global tour where she will be hoping to demonstrate to everybody that she is better than ever. She could have used a problem free 2009. Only she got down to a speculative beginning once she proclaimed that the 3rd single to be brought out from her comeback record album Circus will be If You Seek Amy. It completely sounds really clean-handed only, as disclosed last year, the title of the song in reality stands for something really risqué indeed. Articulate the name really slow and what you really get is an explicit, erm, invitation. To put it into context, among the lines in the song is: "All the boys and the girls are begging to If You Seek Amy." The Radio stations warned they would censor it from their airwaves once they discovered what was happening. Censored Britney is among those acts who attracts all ages and this isn't precisely the kind of song parents desire their children singing along to. Thus confronted with the expectation of the single being censored across America, she returned to the studio and rerecorded it. Only fans perhaps will be a trifle let down with the consequence. Instead of revising the song, Britney and her recording label have merely omitted the "K" from the end of "seek" and renamed the song "If You See Amy".

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