Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mischa Barton Is Enjoying Eastern Culture

Mischa Barton is encompassing Eastern civilization as she shoots a new motion picture in India and has even learned to play the sitar. 'She will come out beside Martin Sheen in an upcoming motion picture 'Bhopal: Prayer for Rain', founded upon a real-life industrial tragedy. And she's beginning to know locals during shooting by going through new religious belief's and loving traditional foods. Barton published on her internet site: “I have been experiencing an astonishing religious exploration visiting Hindu temples and finding out about Buddhism, both beautiful faiths. Hyderabad where we are shooting is an actual divine guidance in the reality that Christians, Muslims and Hindus all get along so harmoniously. "I must acknowledge I used to poke fun of folks who were entirely into yoga and chai tea imagining it was a different absurd wellness craze. Only at present I am that individual!

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