Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dinah Lohan Upsets Reality TV Viewers

Just recently Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina Lohan was named one of Long Island's top
20 mothers by some organization called "Mingling Mom's". They say they are just honouring celebrity Moms on Long Island. It was something for Mother's Day. This was while Lindsay was doing drugs and alcohol and running around. Viewers recently watching Dina's new reality television show became enraged when Dina was shown watching a sex tape reportedly of a look-a-like of her daughter Lindsay. It then shows her 14 y/o daughter Ali walking in and asking if that is Lindsay on the tape. The chat rooms were a buzz regarding this. Is'nt it against the law to have a 14 y/o child to see pornography and is'nt it a punishable crime. Evidently, I guess it does'nt apply to mother's of the year. Like I have felt for a long time this reality TV is thrash TV in my own opinion.

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