Monday, May 18, 2009

Paris Hilton Not Welcomed Next Door

It is never a boring time when Paris Hilton is around, merely ask her recent neighbor. Paris got into a fresh apartment in the Hollywood Hills only a week ago and is already described to be making all sorts of mischief. Reported by a celebrity website, one of her neighbors has become so exhausted of the commotions that he's composed a note to the landlord of the place Paris and her fellow Doug Reinhardt are domiciling in and proposing to compensate the landlord $6,400 a month additional than he's receiving at present if he gives Paris and Doug the boot. The neighbor allegedly states Paris is destroying his spirit and he's wishing to stump up nearly $36,000 to remove her. While she's only been at the current domicile for five days, the police have twice been called for "noisy parties, hollering and shouting, and malicious mischief".

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