Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jennifer Aniston States No Perfect Relationship

Actress Jennifer Aniston has disclosed she believes folks looking for the ideal relationship are deceiving themselves. Aniston, whose apparently song and dance love affair with Brad Pitt finished in divorce, and she stated the most significant component in a relationship was communicating. She stated to Cosmopolitan magazine more or less the "pressure" people experienced to have a relationship that would be eternal. Aniston stated, "I don't believe an ideal relationship exists. "Only I do believe that a lot of us conceive it does and we are merely fooling ourselves. "Whosoever stated that everything has to be everlasting? "That's unrealistic or enduring a great deal. I do not believe it is meriting all that force." Aniston stated that every relationship comprised a "domain unto itself". She carried on, "The most crucial ingredient is communicating". "Folks frequently anticipate their spouse to interpret their ideas, and while that does not come about, they become pretty distressed. "Then the other individual becomes still more confused and, at the conclusion of the day, it is all because they did not verbalize it at the start". " In spite of her own love life being worn out so publicly, occasionally in a "dreadful" way, Aniston stated she declined to be weighed down by it. The 40-year-old actress stated, "I am nevertheless puzzled as to why folks are so worried about my life history".

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