Sunday, April 26, 2009

Katy Perry Back With Former Boyfriend

Katy Perry has came back to the arms of ex-boyfriend Travis McCoy because the pair acknowledged they coulded be separated. Katy and GYM CLASS HEROES rapper Travis broke up in December, faulting the break apart on their meddlesome careers. Only loved-up Travis solely disclosed that the couple have rekindled their love affair, and are more pleased now they have become adults and learned to adopt the relationship at a slower stride. He stated: “The separation was horrible. “We were going way too quick. I was being adolescent more or less about the whole affair. At present it is easy breezy. I am pleased and in love.” Travis hurled himself into charity work after the break up, aiding the Staying Alive Foundation to call forth knowingness of HIV amid young people. And the recuperating drug addict thinks going it solo for a short spell has caused them to be nearer than ever. Only he takes a firm stand he will not be hurrying his woman down the aisle. “I am in no hurry to acquire the ball and chain strapped to my legs.” Katy Perry has made up her mind to give her relationship with Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy an additional go and the pair have affirmed they're back together.

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