Wednesday, April 1, 2009

DJ Says That Paris Is To Blame For The Fight

The disc jockey at the center of a nightclub free-for-all regarding Paris Hilton has charged the socialite's entourage for beginning the battle. She was savoring a nighttime out at the Winter Music Conference at the Fontainebleau hotel nightspot in Miami, FL this past week when fighting broke out. Hilton lays claim her fellow, Doug Reinhardt, was bloodied and injured subsequently when interfering to fend for her while she was directed away by one of DJ Steve Angello's guards. The reality actress lays claim a bunch of guys then assaulted her boyfriend. Only the disc jockey lays claim it was really Hilton's guards who began the conflict by plugging him in the face subsequently when he declined to play a song the actress had called for. The disc jockey states, "Paris Hilton's story is a laugh. She continued to demand I play rap music. I am not a rap music disc jockey. I don't have a guard either. Her guy plugged me 1st and I fought back. No-one else was affected. "She may be use to people stating yes to her twenty-four hours a day, only she is not going to get that from me. It's not about spoiled girls acquiring what they desire."

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