Monday, February 4, 2008

Celebrity News

Britney Spear's home was allegedly robbed while she is in the hospital. Reportedly what was stolen that bothers her most were sex tapes and her doing drugs. According to the media Britney's on edge regarding this and this would also be the first sex tape scandal Britney would be involved in. Jamie Spears now has legal custody of Britney's care. She reportedly is in the hospital for at least 14 more days for treatment. This is just one more added stressor in her life.

Another report by the media is that Kelly Osbourne believes that most men who use the internet are "sexual predators". Reportedly she claims that she has been hurt in the past and finds it hard to trust men. Also reported by the media she complains that British men are wimps and she is looking for a real man. I wonder what they call the women who put their personal profiles on the internet?

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