Sunday, February 17, 2008

Britney Spears Forget's To Pay!

Britney Spears left a stylish LA store with a top she did'nt pay for. Her bodyguards and aides then got in an argument with the store’s staff and then with the police and fans. According to friends of the pop star, she had just forgotten to pay for the $200 long-sleeved garment. Britney was not charged with any crime. Britney was recently released out of a Californian psychiatric ward and her father Jamie was assigned as her conservator. Britney who now has jet-black hair had spent Saturday shopping in a leopard type top. But she emerged from the store wearing a black top. A shopper said: “Britney seemed to be in a stupor”. She rushed around looking at various store items and then left with her entourage of 25 people. The store’s staff just stared at each other, and then stated “I believe she’s taken a top”. There was pandemonium outside with fans and police. ” Brit – in a custody fight over her two kids - tried to place the latest quarrel behind her by going away with her father to the popular Club Social in Hollywood. They had a pleasant meal and left before midnight. Previously she has been accused of swiping a disposable lighter from a gas station last December and a wig from a sex shop last year.
In the meantime it is also reported that Britney Spears lawyer filed papers and wants her conservatorship case moved from the Los Angeles County Superior Court to federal court.

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