Saturday, January 5, 2008

Celebrity News

Lindsay Lohan is badly in debt and has been asking friends for loans. The 'Mean Girls' superstar has reportedly blown her whole $7 million fortune on drugs, alcohol and rehab and has resorted to begging good pals for money. A source reportedly told the New York Daily News paper, "Lindsay has been openly asking her friends for handouts. She has no money left to spend." It's amazing though that prior to this Lindsay Lohan was videoed drinking bubbly champagne from a bottle on New Year's Eve. Lohan was filmed gulping directly from the bottle at a special event in Italy where she received a prize at the 12th Annual Capri Hollywood International Film Festival. The 'Mean Girls' superstar has been in rehab three times following two arrests for driving under the effects of alcohol and in possession of cocaine in May and July 2007.

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