Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pamela Anderson Taking A Break From Dating!

pamela-anderson-#####-slip-5 On the Ellen DeGeneres show Pamela Anderson told the host that she has now decided to devote most of her attention and time to her two boys, 11-year-old Brandon, and 10-year-old Dylan. She said that most of her time is just devoted to her kids right now. Pamela says she is out until 3 or 4am at celebrity parties and then up at 6:30am getting the kids ready for school. It seems that she only gets 3 hours of sleep gets up at 6:30am and at 8am gets her kids off to school. Seems something is wrong with this when the kids are in school she does'nt get to spend much time with them only an hour and a half? It seems Pam's busy schedule at celebrity parties until the early morning hours does'nt allow much time with her kids! Oops!

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